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Title Interest Area Summary Average Earnings Growth
Chemical Engineer Thinking

Apply the principles of chemistry to solve problems involving the production or use of chemicals and other products.

$84,680 -2%
Chemical Technician Thinking

Chemical technicians use special instruments and techniques to help scientists and engineers in researching, developing, and producing chemical products and processes.

$42,040 7%
Chemist or Materials Scientist Thinking

Search for new knowledge about chemical compounds and apply that knowledge to create new products and processes in industries such as technology, manufacturing, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

$66,230 3%
Child Care Worker Helping

Nurture, teach, and care for children who have not yet entered kindergarten, and supervise older children before and after school.

$18,240 11%
Child, Family and School Social Worker Helping

Provide social services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families.

$39,530 12%
Chiropractor Helping

Diagnose and treat patients with problems of the musculoskeletal system and provide natural, drugless, nonsurgical treatments to improve health.

$66,490 20%
Civil Engineer Building

Design and supervise the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and water supply and sewage systems.

$74,600 24%
Civil Engineering Technician Building

Civil engineering technicians help civil engineers plan and design the construction of highways, bridges, utilities, and other major infrastructure projects. They also help with commercial, residential, and land development.

$46,290 12%
Claims Adjuster or Investigator Organizing

Investigate insurance claims, negotiate settlements, and authorize payments to the policyholders who make a claim.

$54,600 7%
Clinical Laboratory Technologist or Technician Thinking

Perform laboratory tests to examine bodily fluids and cells and assist in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

$44,440 14%
Coach or Scout Helping

Coaches teach amateur or professional athletes the skills they need to succeed at their sport. Scouts look for new players and evaluate their skills and likelihood for success at the college, amateur, or professional level. Many coaches are also involved in scouting.

$28,360 15%
Commercial or Industrial Designer Creating

Combine knowledge of art, business, and engineering to design everyday products including vehicles, appliances, furniture, toys, and housewares.

$57,350 9%
Compensation or Benefits Manager Persuading

Compensation managers plan, direct, and coordinate how much an organization pays its employees and how employees are paid. Benefits managers plan, direct, and coordinate retirement plans, health insurance, and other benefits that an organization offers its employees.

$95,259 3%
Compensation, Benefits, or Job Analysis Specialist Organizing

Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists conduct an organization’s compensation and benefits programs. They also evaluate job positions to determine details such as classification and salary.

$59,090 6%
Computer and IS Manager Persuading

Oversee technical aspects of an organization, such as software development, network security, and Internet operations.

$112,210 17%
Computer Hardware Engineer Thinking

Research, design, develop, test, and oversee the manufacture and installation of computer hardware, including computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and related equipment such as keyboards, routers, and printers.

$97,400 4%
Computer Network or Database Administrator Organizing

Help individuals and organizations share and store information through computer networks and systems, the Internet, and computer databases.

$69,050 30%
Computer Programmer Thinking

Use knowledge of computer programming languages to write software programs based on a given design.

$69,620 -3%
Computer Repairer Building

Install, fix, and maintain many of the machines that are used by businesses, households, and consumers, including office machines, ATMs, and mainframe computers.

$36,360 -4%
Computer Scientist Thinking

Solve complex business, scientific, and general computing problems by designing, creating, and inventing new technology.

$97,970 24%
Computer Software Engineer Thinking

Apply the theories and principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to create, test, and evaluate the software applications and systems that make computers work.

$88,930 32%
Computer Support Specialist Building

Provide technical assistance, support, and advice to individuals and organizations that depend on information technology.

$43,450 14%
Computer Systems Analyst Thinking

Use knowledge of information technology tools to help organizations design, select, and configure computer systems to achieve business goals.

$75,500 20%
Computer, ATM, or Office Machine Repairer Building

Computer, ATM, and office machine repairers install, fix, and maintain many of the machines that businesses, households, and other consumers use.

$36,620 4%
Construction Equipment Operator Building

Construction equipment operators drive, maneuver, or control the heavy machinery used to construct roads, bridges, buildings, and other structures.

$40,980 19%
Construction Laborer or Helper Building

Construction laborers and helpers do many basic tasks that require physical labor on construction sites.

$28,410 25%
Construction Manager Persuading

Plan, direct, coordinate, and budget a wide variety of construction projects, including the building of all types of residential, commercial, and industrial structures, roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals.

$79,860 17%
Construction or Building Inspector Building

Construction and building inspectors ensure that construction meets local and national building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations, and contract specifications.

$50,180 17%
Cook Building

Prepare, season, and cook a wide range of foods, in restaurants as well as other places where food is served, such as grocery stores, schools and hospitals.

$20,507 6%
Correctional Officer Building

Oversee individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or who have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve time in a jail, reformatory, or penitentiary; maintain order within institutions and enforce rules and regulations.

$38,380 9%
Cost Estimator Organizing

Collect and analyze data on all of the factors that can affect the cost of a proposed project, such as materials, labor, and duration, to develop cost information that business owners and managers use to make decisions.

$56,510 25%
Courier or Messenger Building

Pick up and deliver documents and packages for individuals, businesses, institutions, and government agencies.

$22,440 0%
Court Reporter Organizing

Create verbatim transcripts of speeches, conversations, legal proceedings, meetings, and other events.

$49,710 18%
Craft Artist Creating

Create or reproduce handmade objects for sale or exhibition in studios, retail outlets, or at arts-and-crafts shows.

$29,080 7%
Customer Service Representative Persuading

Respond to customer inquiries, requests, and complaints, and make sure that any problems the customer is experiencing are resolved.

$28,720 18%
Dancer or Choreographer Creating

Perform or create dances in a variety of settings, including musical productions, movies, music videos, and commercials.

$24,440 6%
Delivery Truck Driver or Driver/Sales Worker Building

Delivery truck drivers and driver/sales workers pick up, transport, and drop off packages and small shipments within a local region or urban area. They drive trucks with a 26,000-pound gross vehicle weight (GVW) capacity or less. Most of the time, they transport merchandise from a distribution center to businesses and households.

$27,530 5%
Dental Assistant Organizing

Perform a variety of patient care, office, and laboratory duties, including instructing patients on oral healthcare; preparing dental instruments and equipment; and assisting with dental procedures.

$32,380 36%
Dental Hygienist Helping

Examine patients' teeth and gums, teach patients how to practice good oral hygiene, and provide other preventive dental care.

$66,570 36%
Dental or Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician or Medical Appliance Technician Building

Dental and ophthalmic laboratory technicians and medical appliance technicians construct, fit, or repair devices that increase function in the lives of patients. These devices include dentures, eyeglasses, and prosthetics.

$33,070 7%
Dentist Thinking

Diagnose and treat problems with teeth and tissues in the mouth; give advice and administer care to help prevent future problems.

$142,870 16%
Desktop Publisher Creating

Use computer software to format and combine text, data, photographs, charts, and other graphic art or illustrations into prototypes of pages and other documents that are to be printed.

$36,600 -23%
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer or Cardiovascular Technologist or Technician, Including Vascular Technologist Building

Diagnostic medical sonographers and cardiovascular technologists and technicians, including vascular technologists, operate special imaging equipment to create images or conduct tests. The images and test results help physicians assess and diagnose medical conditions. Some technologists assist physicians and surgeons during surgical procedures.

$47,010 24%
Diesel Service Technician or Mechanic Building

Diesel service technicians and mechanics inspect, repair, or overhaul buses, trucks, and anything else with a diesel engine.

$40,850 15%
Dietitian or Nutritionist Thinking

Promote healthy eating habits and recommend dietary modifications by planning food and nutrition programs, supervising meal preparation, and overseeing the serving of meals.

$50,590 9%
Drafter Creating

Prepare technical drawings and plans to be used by production and construction workers to build everything from microchips to skyscrapers.

$47,483 4%
Drywall Installer Building

Build, apply, or fasten interior and exterior wallboards or wall coverings in residential, commercial, and other structures

$38,106 12%
Economist Thinking

Conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts on a wide variety of issues, including energy costs, inflation, interest rates, employment levels, and business cycles.

$83,590 6%
Editor Creating

Review, rewrite, and edit the work of writers; review story ideas proposed by staff and freelance writers to decide what material will appeal to readers; oversee the production of publications.

$49,990 0%
Education Administrator Persuading

Provide instructional leadership and manage the day-to-day activities in schools, preschools, day care centers, and colleges and universities.

$86,490 15%